Branding Opportunities You Might Have Missed

  • January 23, 2014

Besides an amazing website to capture your customer interest, there are many ways to make your brand present in their mind. Just as consumers evolve so should your marketing tactics. We’ve put together a list of commonly ignored methods which could improve your personal or business branding.

Branding Opportunities you might have missed
In Store / On Premise 
Your headquarters or place of business is the most important place to brand, it may seem obvious, but often people do not. It is important to place your logo throughout, whether you put the logo on the floors, walls, wallpaper or even identify your brand by the furniture you use. Put your branding on receipts, paperwork, packaging and more. Every inch of branding counts to give an overall impression of the business.
Free Stuff
The idea of branded business merchandise is a pretty standard concept for promoting a business. Items like t-shirts, mugs, car stickers, stationary are expected. Going the extra mile and being creative can really make your business stand out. If your business has a unique USP, your merchandise should showcase it. If you’re a plumber try distributing plungers with your logo and phone number on it. Make sure you let your brand shine through, don’t just put the logo put phrases and touches of personality to really get someone hooked.
You and your Staff are Brand Advocates
Companies often miss this, people are your biggest asset. Your employees should be your ambassadors and if they genuinely love your company, spread the word. You can encourage this via training, but the easiest method is to treat them well and give them positive reasons to let everyone know about the company. When they love what they do, they’ll naturally do things like spread the word via social media to their networks.
Community Projects
Whether you’re a big multi site business or a small start up, your local community is a resource worth using. Engage with customers at local events and festivities. Setting up well-designed booths or pop up stores at concerts, fairs, farmers markets and charity events is a great way to meet and interact with your audience. Being involved in the grass roots of your community can really inspire people to be loyal to your brand and you may be able to do some good to boot.
Partner with a Local Company
Find like minded companies in different industries who match your philosophy and customer base, and see if they want to join forces. By doing so you could create a presence with their clients, people that you may not have previously reached. Not to mention, you could save money on your marketing.
New Consumers
Don’t fall into the trap of only marketing your brand to a particular set of consumers. Whilst it is important to know your typical customer and how you can capture them, being creative with your targeting you could open up a whole set of customers you previously missed out.

Gareth Jones
Technical Guy at SiteZulu