10 Tips to Relaunch your Businesses Website – Part 2

  • December 19, 2013

Part 2 of our Tips to help you when relaunching your website.  Hope this comprehensive list will work as guidance to help prevent your business making some simple mistakes.

6. Copy is as important as Design

A well designed website is of course very important, but as with any design it is likely to age and be subject to changing trends. So it is vitally important your is good, because if it isn’t great, neither is your site. It’s not just about well written content, you have to write it with your audience in mind. It has to be planned out, persona-driven content, created by understanding your key audiences and how they behave on-line. You need to establish editorial guidelines for content that is published to the site and a roadmap of content creation. You need to know when and by whom content will be created.

7. Be Mindful of the Bots

There are two equally important audiences for your site, your customers and the search engines. Search engines have complicated algorithms that rank web pages according to relevance and importance, you don’t want a redesign to negatively affect your sites ranking, so consider the following:

Redirects - If an URL is no longer active, or you are changing the site architecture, make sure you have 301 redirects in place. Not have redirects in place can lead to massive knock effects on your ranking.

Conversion end-points - When re-designing your site the path to conversion (i.e the point a user takes a decision to buy or provide their details) will probably change, so make sure someone is dedicated to checking the conversion points on your redesigned sites to make sure they are a) working, b) properly migrated, and c) tracked.

On-page keyword analysis - Although on-page keywords have decreased in usefulness. You still need to target two to three keywords per page and place them organically throughout the copy and metadata. Look again at any previous lists of keywords and make changes if needed, as competition and volume changes from year to year and even month to month.

8. Who’s your host?

Consider where you are going to host your site.

Is it going to sit on a server that your enterprise owns and maintains, or will it live with a hosting company? Is your hosting bandwidth enough? Could you use a third-party?
Web Design Business RelaunchAll of these decisions need to be made early on.

9. Utilize Google Webmaster Tools

Your company should be using Google webmaster tools to analyse your site, although there are other tools for this available with its link to Google Analytics it becomes even more useful. It is a free and will help you identify any problems with site/page indexing and even click-through rates.

10. The Live Re-Launch Strategy

The design isn’t over when the redesigned site launches. Create a plan to promote the new site on social media, PR outreach, and blog announcements. Plan on pushing marketing messages through these channels for at least two weeks past the launch. Connect with key influencers on social who can push your message further.

Then focus on developing and publishing new innovative content so you keep visitors coming back and luring new visitors: inbound marketing at its best. With all internal communications, make sure that your employees are kept in the loop as well. Be clear to inform them of what’s changed and how it can benefit them and their jobs.

Gareth Jones
Technical Guy at SiteZulu